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New hope for the Geithner plan!

Yay! Because, as it turns out, you can buff a turd. Sample verbatim dialog:

"It's shiny!"

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Submitted by lambert on

Yay, Connecticutman!

Now, we need somebody from VT to tell us about the plants in the heatlh "reform" meetings...

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

the Democratic Party left me. And really, almost everyone else as well (the leaving part, that is).

But, ya know, Obama is so damn historic its almost worth this trillion dollar reverse Robin Hood scheme. Go us!

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Submitted by Damon on

I love how the administration told us that they were going to do exactly what they announced, yesterday, but everyone is willingly pretending that it's something new. Wall Street and the Village all but O'gasmed at this rehashing, and Timmeh rises triumphantly out of the ashes as the resurgent phoenix.

No, this new Washington narrative really is a fair tale, and an insult to all of those even half-paying attention to both history and current events. What Timmy essentially offered, today, is to purchase a set of (on the public's dime) ungodly expensive, jewel-encrusted shit-shovels and also offered to help them put away the big shit-pile.