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The new bicycle was just the beginning

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Submitted by lambert on

See if you can View source of View Selection Source in your browser; that will show you how it's done. And change your input format to Full HTML if you want to try it. If you want a good sandbox to play in, try here. It seems geeky, but it's really abut DIY, just like winemaking or knitting.

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Submitted by Damon on

I completely forgot how to link an existing page, here are Corrente, into a post. I know how to link from beyond the site, but not through the site. Where can I find that code? It's be great if there was a page dedicated to the most popular formatting that could be placed along the rest of the options in the top bar.

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Submitted by vastleft on

You can browse to the page in another window or tab and then copy the URL from the address bar, or you can hover over a link to the page or comment (i.e., wherever the post or comment's title is displayed) and right-click (or option-click on the Mac, IIRC) and use "Copy link" or whatever your browser calls it). Then create an anchor tag as you usually would:

True to form, <a href="">Vastleft said it brilliantly</a> here...