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Never mind the puppets, go after the puppet masters

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This post goes out to Joshua Micah Marshall, Alex Pareene, Mike Elk, Dan Froomkin, Kevin Drum, and any other reporter who wants to take a swing at this.

Never mind the House Republican Caucus. They are puppets doing what their puppet masters want. There is no point with arguing with or even reporting on the actions of puppets. It is just ridiculous.

Any Republican who does not obey the commands of the Club for Growth and ALEC can look forward to a primary challenge. So who are the club for growth? Who specifically? Who is the executive director? chief lobbyists? junior lobbyists? political consutlants? social media team? And who funds Club for Growth and ALEC? Who specifically? These corporations have names, their CEOs have names, so who are they?

It is long past time to scrutinize the corporations who are sabotaging American democracy.

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Submitted by okanogen on

A pox on both houses? How about we attend to one pox at a time. Sure, pox on dems, in your own post! DC's post is valid and specific.

I would like to know who the puppetmasters are on both sides, but right now more in the Republicans.

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Submitted by Andre on

This is a very important post, DCB, in my opinion. I would file it under "Returning honesty as the 'coin of the realm'" Of course both parties have their own branches of the corporate puppetmasters. We should work towards getting all the truth out. I am sick of getting emails from the appropriate "D" parties telling me how dastardly those "R" people are, when they're just talking about the other branch of the puppetmaster regime. I feel like the old straw about holding a lantern, looking for the truth. And when I see someone who wants to expose all the truth, then maybe I'll read their emails.