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Netroots Nation: Kool-Aid vs. Cat Food

Gregg Levine live blogs at Netroots Nation. "NN10 Liveblog: Fighting Obama’s Social Security 'Death Panel'":

Next question: Since this wil take a 2/3 vote (uh, no, that’s actually an old float that did not carry through to this catfood commission) and it will get folks kicked out of congress if they vote for it (um, hence the lame duck session that will take thsi up), isn’t this just a fake out by Obama–a distraction for the deficit hawks?

[picking jaw up off the floor]

Eric and Nancy respond. The commissionis stacked with like minds–and they are out to evicerate the program. Not just tweek, means test, etc. Kill it.

Bob adds: Even if we (the left) do win, and save the program, it will require massive energy and money–that, itself is a huge victory for the right.

Someone in the crowd yells out: Why, with a democratic House, a Democratic Senate, and a Democratic President, do we even have to worry about this?

It is an angry question. . . a split emerges in the room with grumbling on one side saying give me a break and defending obama, others saying damn straight!

Bob Borosage jumps in to defend the president. Obama’s sermon on the mount at G-town about the new economy was. . . well, hell, Bob just called it "The Sermon on the Mount."

It's Kool-Aid vs. cat food, isn't it?

NOTE I left the spelling errors in; like scars in fine leather, they are a sign of authenticity...

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

i've been following the NOM "marriage tour" via my fav gay blogger Joe, and despite their funding from the usual shady winger billionaire sources, it's been a total flop in terms of media coverage. for a change! anyway, you know i don't watch teevee newz and i was wondering if NN is even a blip on the radar.

i was going to go, but the finances didn't work out. such a shock in this economy, not. Joe also has a nice slideshow of the LGBT pre party (and i'm not knocking these people, they are my friends) it's very depressing how mostly lily white the gathering is. i'd bet the NN attendees this year are mostly the better off kind...

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Submitted by goldberry on

... if I were an attendee at one of those panels, I'd ask if the pro-Obama people had gotten a stipend from OFA.
You know, just to keep everybody honest and everything. I mean, it's not like a bunch of people could be planted to sway public opinion with vociferous and intimidating demands for unity and support for Obama.
That could *never* happen.

Submitted by lambert on

I mean, it's just a simple question, right?

How much harm can asking simple questions do?

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Submitted by goldberry on

Sort of like, "Just between friends, is Obama's organization paying your ass to be here? Because you're acting like a jackass on Social Security. I mean, if it's not a personal question."