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Net Neutrality News of the Day

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I had a conversation recently with a woman who works for an ad firm specializing in internet ads. She says, wait for it, that no one in her company knows or is talking about the threat to net neutrality. Heard the same from a family member that works for a company that would be wiped out if Steven's Tubes bill passes. So this is uplifting to read about:

Senator Jeff Bingaman is undecided on net neutrality, and this kind of locally inspired action is incredibly significant. More prominent than a phone call or email, this shows that people in district are organized and willing to take action around a specific issue. The rally in New Mexico generated lots of local press, both print and TV. Someone clipped and stuck the local newscast on youtube, which I've stuck below. I've also put up pictures from the event in this a flickr set.

This event was so successful that it's going to be reproduced in states around the country. The Savetheinternet coalition is looking for small business owners who have websites, sell stuff on the web, or use the web for their business...and of course favor Net Neutrality enough to want to get active. If you know small business people who care about this issue or use the internet in their work, please forward them this blog post. By showing up to a Senate office, small business owners can convince enough Senators that the Stevens bill has substantial popular opposition.

Here's how they can get involved.

Please have them send an email to All I need is name, city, state, biz name, website, and email address to reach them. Then I'll contact them and match them up with our local organizers.
Forward this onward! Save the internet!

If you go to any small businesses regularly, print out a copy of Lambert's post (could you throw up the summation of why it sucks for me LB? I'm on the road and can't use this computer for too long, thanks) along with some phone numbers of Senators, and the above email. It's time for people to start hearing more about how they're going to be put out of business so we can all watch FOX news on the internet live.

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