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Neo-liberals playing divide and conquer again

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Andy Levison and Ruy Teixeira are playing lets pit one group against another to distract them from the disaster capitalism that they promote: Is Obama Losing White Voters?

Why might such a decline have occurred? Extensive research on the views of the white working class suggests that, if Pew’s findings were real, the most plausible cause of the decline would be the president’s increased emphasis on social issues in the past six months. However, this doesn’t mean that Democrats should be quieter or reverse course on social issues. Rather, they should simply be more targeted in how they sell themselves to the white working class.

Beginning in January, three things happened and, just as importantly, one didn’t. First, Obama became very visibly and forcefully identified with the demands for gun control in the aftermath of the Newtown, Connecticut shootings. Second, immigration reform leaped to the center of national political debate. Third, marriage equality and racially-charged issues (voting rights, profiling) became the subject of widely discussed court cases. Finally, issues of importance to white working class Americans did not receive significant national attention.

First of all gun safety is a public safety issue, not a social issue. Social Justice issues such as gender equality and civil rights for GLTB are essential for the Democratic coalition to say nothing of the well being of American society.

Let me tell you the truth about the white workings class, they don't vote. Not they don't vote Democratic, they don't vote. I know because I used to be involved with grassroots Democratic activism, I used to study street sheets with close attention. I doubt that Versailles courtiers like Andy Levison and Ruy Teixeira even know what a street sheet is. But those of us who have studied them know that people with incomes less than $50,000 year do not vote, or vote in very low numbers. Very low. In a Presidential year only 25% of workers with incomes less than $50,000 will vote. In off years the turn out for that groups sinks to single digits. The only way around that is to have volunteers knock on doors in those neighborhoods and stand in front of the local grocery store and hand out literature. If your campaign cannot do that, those potential voters will not bother. That is just how it is.

On January 20, 2009 nominal unemployment stood at 7.1%. It was one of the reason the country went Democratic. And what have they got to show for it? Since then unemployment has continued to rise, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. It has gone down a little, but never back to 7.1%, even less has it gone beneath 7.1%, yet this was a major issue. Since January 20, 2009 we have seen unemployment, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and suicide increase.

Now Obama does not need to talk about the economy. He needs to do something about it. He could start by appointing Warren Mosler to head of the Federal Reserve, or at Janet Yellin. He needs to do something about foreclosure. He needs to raise the minimum wage to $21/hour and lower the age for Social Security to 60 and double the benefits. He needs to pass HR 676 Medicare for All. If he did these things he would be popular for all time like FDR. Instead he wants to be Bush's fourth term.

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