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Neo-liberal Brits prepare to gut the NHS

The vultures are gathering:

The NHS is embarking on its biggest and most wide-ranging outsourcing of services so far by inviting companies to bid for £1.2bn in contracts to provide frontline cancer treatment in district hospitals and care for the terminally ill.

The deals could see the private sector delivering all cancer and end-of-life treatment for children and adults across Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent. This will involve diagnosis and treatment such as radiology, radiotherapy, breast screening, chemotherapy, nursing and surgery for patients in hospitals, hospices and at home.

Due to start in July next year, the contracts have been given “pioneer” status by the NHS because of their scope and duration. ...

The deals come as the NHS grapples with the biggest shake-up in its 70-year history in the wake of the Health and Social Care Act last year.

Although likely to spark claims that the privatisation of the health service is accelerating, opposition may be tempered by the NHS’s chequered history in the region, which includes the scandal-hit Stafford Hospital, where the NHS trust has been dissolved because of concerns over poor care and high mortality rates.

Nice work on that one, Liberal-Democrats, giving Cameron the leg up.

I've got no knowledge of the NHS wars. But you can bet your bottom pound that whatever happened in Stafford Hospital happened because of the classic neo-liberal strategy of starving and gutting the public sector, and then using the resulting failure as an excuse to loot the corpse.

NOTE Google the FT headline -- "NHS invites bids for Staffordshire outsourcing deals worth £1.2bn" -- if the link doesn't work for you.

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I see this starting back up after the 2014 vote for us election is over. 0 done and needs to finish up on his legacy of being the first black so-called demodog potus and guts Main Streets safety nets. Then 0 is off to $200,000+ per 30 minutes speeches on ws telling how he helped save them from the pitchfork serfs.