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Neil Barofsky unloads

In Bloomberg:

Americans should lose faith in their government. They should deplore the captured politicians and regulators who distributed tax dollars to the banks without insisting that they be accountable. The American people should be revolted by a financial system that rewards failure and protects those who drove it to the point of collapse and will undoubtedly do so again.

We are!

But after the loss of faith, the deploring, the revolting.. What?

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Submitted by chadwick newsome on

Neil Barofsky had better watch out. The Republicrats will make sure he never eats lunch in this town agiain.

Submitted by ubetchaiam on

Sorry but the general angst I see amongst people is not focused. As I pointed out the other day, even when all was said and done, at least 30 per cent of those polled thought Bush was a good person and did a good job. That 30 per cent hasn't gone anywhere or changed to reflect a gaining of knowledge.

"We' are still a long ways away from the 'tipping point' where the majority says 'off with their heads' and acts accordingly. Metaphorically speaking of course.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

it will all happen very quickly, that is the nature of a revolutionary collapse, there is nothing gradual about it. That is why it is so critical to put ideas about alternative models out there now and why it so critical to maintain non-violent discipline.