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Negroponte lying just yesterday on warrantless domestic surveillance

Do these guys do anything but lie? Whitewash House transcript:

Q Mr. Ambassador, going forward, you're going to, on the Hill, get questions even from Republicans like Arlen Specter on the domestic spying program, or, I should say, General Hayden will. How do you guys plan to prepare to move forward on that?

NEGROPONTE: Well, first of all, I wouldn't call it domestic spying. I mean, this is about international terrorism, and telephone calls between people thought to be working for international terrorism and people here in the United States. So that would be my first point.

Check. And to think that only yesterday this statement was still operative!

But wait! Let's be fair to Negroponte!

Maybe he's not lying, just weaseling. After all, one end of the call is "here in the United States," and the otehr is "people thought to be working for international terrorism." And those people could be right here in the United States, right? Could it be... Democrats and liberals? Anyone the Republican ratfuckers want to ratfuck?

NEGROPONTE: As far as answering questions about that, of course, you know that General Hayden is familiar with that program. He was involved in its creation when he was Director of the NSA. He's already been both before the public and the Congress in explaining and defending the program as being in the interest of the United States, as it most definitely is. So I think we -- it would be fair to say that we expect quite a bit of questioning about this issue, but I believe that General Hayden will be very, very well-equipped and very well-prepared to answer any questions that might arise.

I guess that's why they canceled Hayden's appearances on the Hill. Got to get those stories straight!

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