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The National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare is an organization formed to defend the same. And they are blowing it. While Trojan Horse AARP is arranging townhall meetings with members of congress to fix Social Security, NCPSSM is putting out cute Facebook visuals which are seen only by members of the choir and making Youtube videos that nobody watches.

What they should be doing is mobilizing their followers to flood local newspapers with pro-Social Security letters to the editor. Then they could amplify the effect of the letters by posting them to FaceBook and Twitters.

Letters to the Editor are the most effective way to counter anti-Social Security talking points. They reach people who are not familiar with pro-Social Security talking points and they alert politicians and press alike that there is a large army of voters who care about Social Security. But NCPSSM is ignoring this vital tool. How do I know this? Because I have a Google News Alert on Social Security and no letters to the editor are showing up.

The 99% are losing partly because the game is rigged, but we are also losing because our advocacy organizations refuse to use the tools available to them.

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light posting from me because I am experiencing server ISP issues. DOWN WITH COMCAST!!!!

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So it's natural that over time they'd seek to seek to weaken and destroy social insurance programs.

Who funds these other guys? Is it misdirection and distraction?