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Naughty US Drug Enforcement's NSA Use: PARALLEL CONSTRUCTION

I just read an article called “US Drug Enforcement Agency conceals use of information from NSA mass surveillance programs” by Niles Williamson.

It made me SCREAMING MAD!!!!

Yes, there are lots of things on the assembly line of "FRESH HELLS ‘R’ US" AMERICA, but wait until you get a load of this one!

Williamson explains that a report just published by Reuters has revealed that the DEA -- US Drug Enforcement Agency -- has been utilizing illegitimate NSA, National Security Agency, info from its mass -- “collect it all” -- surveillance programs (including a massive telephone records database) to make drug arrests. After the arrests are made the surveillance information -- the real source of evidence -- is concealed from judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers because it is illegal.


Drug dealers, possessors of all degrees are and have been “nailed” by the illegitimate use of the illegitimate collections of data by the formerly “no such agency” -- the “COLLECT IT ALL” -- NSA. (Which horrifying entity most in our government, media and citizenry are incredibly DEFENDING in the name of national security.)

Here is how it goes down with ANYTHING GOES ESPECIALLY BASIC 4TH and 5TH AMENDMENT RIGHTS US drug enforcement! (Keep in mind our prisons are now brimming with non-violent drug offenders, some for very meager marijuana violations.) Drug agents and police get info re drug possession/sales/use from the NSA dragnet and then they PRETEND they got it elsewhere (informants, random searches, etc.) THEY THEN RECREATE A TRAIL OF EVIDENCE that the actual source was legal and reliable. It is called “Parallel Construction.”

PARALLEL CONSTRUCTION!!!! It has a name. It is the M.O. for a police state.

It is so in your face -- no, it is so far behind your back -- horrifying. It is LYING, LYING, LYING. It is against the law and being routinely perpetrated by law enforcers.

So, the arrest report reads that drugs were found, say, at a RANDOM traffic stop by drug enforcers or police who came up with a pretend reason to stop a vehicle and maybe even with a CONVENIENT “drug dog” in tow that particular day. Hah!

BULLSHIT!!! It was NOT random. NSA discerned the drug possession ILLEGITIMATELY through NSA eavesdropping and passed it on. The police then mendaciously re-frame the circumstances for slam dunk arrests and prosecutions.

Nailing US drug users/possessors -- like shooting fish in a barrel, apparently.

Williamson explains the dissemination of the illegal information to law enforcement.

There is a secretive agency of the DEA, the SOD, or Special Operations Division, that is apparently fed NSA and other agencies’ illegally and legally gathered information about citizens. It has been in operation since 1994, actually, and Williamson explains that it is comprised of agents from at least 2 dozen federal agencies including the NSA, FBI, ICE, IRS and DHS. The division was founded to go after Latin American drug cartels but the slippery slope of fascism has brought it to its present illegitimate domestic usage.

The SOD disseminates to law enforcers for prosecution info gathered in many ways. From NSA intercepts, court-ordered wiretaps and search warrants, foreign government wiretaps, the DEA Internet Connectivity Endeavor (DICE) database which is said to have one billion records, mostly phone logs. DICE database management also claims to purge the database after a year. Yeah. These agencies would never lie about something like that, either, now would they?

Williamson states that 10,000 federal, state and local law enforcement officials have access to the “DICE” database.

Also, he discloses one of the most important features of the database, ironically, is to prevent undercover agents from unwittingly arresting each other. Something called “deconfliction”.

The existence of the SOD is said to be CLASSIFIED. Of course it would be. Agents who use its disclosures about citizens are TRAINED not to reveal it as a source. It is not mentioned in investigative reports and affidavits. Not to investigating prosecutors and in their testimonies in courtrooms Again, the law enforcers are mandated to LIE (under oath sometimes, mind you) and to “recreate” how damning information against citizens was supposedly legitimately discovered in the “normal” course of an investigation. “Parallel Construction”!!!!

Many agents defend the practice. Sure as hell makes their job much easier with record arrests that stick. And they defend themselves as using it against law breakers of any degree. Ends justifies the means, they argue. Others admit to the shades of illegality. SHADES? One former DEA agent, Finn Selander, Williamson quotes as saying, “It’s just like laundering money-- you work it backwards to make it clean.”

According to the Reuters report a Florida prosecutor inadvertently learned of the SOD tips after discovering he had been misled by a drug agent. The agent lied about the information coming from an informant. When the prosector pressed hard a DEA supervisor intevened on behalf of his agent and revealed that the tip had come “through the SOD and from an NSA intercept.”

I mean, we see it all the time on the teebee. Those criminals don’t deserve the protection of the Bill of Rights! Right? What’s a frustrated cop to do? We are coaxed to bobble-head away the importance of BASIC CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, especially to a charismatic tv personality. Damn crooks hide behind the law! How many shows is that uttered on?

IT IS THE LAW FOR A REASON!!! It protects ALL OF US from dangerous police over-reach!

It is VERY NAUGHTY for drug enforcers to BREAK THE LAW!!! WTF????

A drug arrest was made from a tip-off from an anonymous informant? Maybe not. Again, don’t believe what the police witness is declaring UNDER OATH in the grand jury room or wherever. (What’s a trial system with lying police witnesses worth?)

That anonymous informant, real or maybe just an “invention” for a convenient and damning, fairy tale police report. Was the real info garnered easily and illegally from NSA dragnet sources? Good chance of it.


Police reports altered for the APPEARANCE of due diligence. THE APPEARANCE OF JUSTICE. The defendants, the judges, the defense attorneys are CLUELESS as to the real sources of evidence.


Niles Williamson quotes former federal prosecutor Henry E. Hockeimer, Jr. “You can’t create subterfuge. These are drug crimes, not national security cases. If you don’t draw the line here, where do you draw it?”

Obama’s disgusting justification for breaking constitutional law being okay as long as it consists of “modest encroachment”? Our alarm at such Constitution-shredding he cavalierly calls “hype”? Really? You want to trust him on that one, too???? The pied piper amiably leading Americans to fascism!

Wow, I’m thinking if Hitler had had this technology he would have prevailed globally. NSA puts STASI to shame.

But all that juicy modern technology should not go to waste. Right?


The WORSE crooks and liars are forever outside the prison cells it would seem. They don’t even think they are doing anything wrong thanks to power and control and cronyistic “we’re okay whatever we do” authoritarian groupthink. TOP DOWN MENDACITY!

Our Constitution is nearly shredded at this point thanks to Bush and Obama regimes' corruption. (That darn Snowden invading our denial of faux-security from these law-breaking authoritarians!)

Just like the Geneva Conventions and the rest of international law to POST-MORALITY AND POST-LEGALITY AMERICA -- GONE GONE GONE!!!

ENDS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS???? Is that the American code?

Lady Justice is getting raped.

Anybody care?

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Submitted by LD on

"Our Constitution is nearly shredded at this point thanks to Bush and Obama regimes' corruption." (LL)

LL, it's worse than one thinks. This DEA SOD division, which was specifically put in place to use the NSA hoovering capabilities for its directives, began in 1994. Yes, 1994---Before Oklahoma City, before CitiGroup, before Glass-Steagall/CFTA caved, before Clinton's BJ, and of course, before 9eleven/Anthracts---with NO oversight, checks/balances, and demanded hush-hush secrecy.

Bruce Dixon, of the, says in his reporting on this: "Given this complete lack of oversight, can we even begin to take seriously their declarations about the limits the information they pass on and the uses they put it to?" (

Since 1994, what have they used this secretive surveillance program for exactly, as the country (and G20) have steadily and unabatedly moved rightward toward fascism?

Submitted by libbyliberal on

LD, thanks for the link and info. And along with these horrifying ongoing operations Greenwald has even more to reveal from Snowden! Dear God! Can we ever penetrate citizen passivity on this???? best, libby

Submitted by jawbone on

anyone the government feels should have access to such information.

And it won't be you trying to get a copy of that last message from you loved one...which was somehow wiped off your answering machine or something liek that.

Remember when Easy Pass was proposed? And privacy concerns were raised? The Powers That Be declared, cross their hearts, etc., that information about travel would NEVER be given out; It would used solely to ensure payment of tolls.


And the expected us to believe them.

Now, getting info about where a car was by checking Easy Pass is routine for law enforcement as well as divorce attorneys, employers, you name it.

Privacy? Control over private information? "It's all over now, Baby Blue."

Submitted by libbyliberal on

jawbone, great to see you. thanks.

yes, easy pass, how often did Lenny Brisco and partner of the season use that for evidence???

Slippery slope to fascism doesn't begin to say it. This is about impression management that we are a constitutional republic, meanwhile fascism covertly rules our police and has for some time.

Also, Iraqi rules of citizen terrorism will be used against US citizens. Things are so very serious.

Again, I can't believe that citizens, the majority, are not paying more attention and don't have more outrage.

best, libby

Submitted by jawbone on

and "reconstructive investigation" is a fookin' brilliant question, but I can imagine a time when this might make Bruce Dixon an "enemy of the state," If it hasn't already, of course....

Doesn't this also put government representatives of the agencies involved in the position of lying to a judge, both in evidence provided and to the judge's face? That's considered legal?

Or, given the "new priorities" of the never ending War on Terra is it just one of the legal niceties which must be foregone in order to preserve the Power of the State?

I can also see Congress, populated with the feckless, reckless, and intimidated pols we now mostly have there, actually passing legislation which makes lying to judges in the service of the security state to become legal, going forward and retroactively--just as was done for the telcos.

And, then, ooops, there goes the rule of law...unless, of course, it's already gone.

Plus, once it's considered legal to lie to a judge in order to get convictions for security cases, why won't that spread to all aspects of the law at all levels?

Bad moon rising...bad Corporate State already here and worse to come, eh?.

Submitted by jawbone on

The Big Banksters and Wall Streeters nearly brought the economy down, but, somehow, there's nothing in the NSA databases which would have give the FBI, IRS, SEC info on which to base criminal investigations?

How very interesting.

It's almost as if the NSA was working hand in glove with Big Banksters....