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I just can't help it. I went over, via another link, to or whatever the winger answer is to wiki (which I actually don't endorse, but anyway). I swear to you I just copied this from their own "most viewed" linkee not three minutes ago:

Atheism (3,891,753)
Main Page (3,269,704)
Homosexuality (3,153,454)
Wikipedia (522,521)
Theory of evolution (335,601)
Examples of Bias in Wikipedia (328,215)
Ex-homosexuals (320,928)
Hillary Rodham Clinton (269,183)
Aesthetics (260,60

Snicker. Or, Sin-KKKer. Or, something /sound of male lips slobbing phallus/. Heh.

Jeebus was never in the closet, whatever else he was, doods. Seriously, do you hang out with 12 guys who've given up the "sin" of penis-to-vagina sex? Think about it. Of course, "thinking" is beyond you, but still. Give it a try. I'm so unhip. Who knew that "aesthetics" was the winger code for "gaii?" There are some paintings I could show you. Or, "Billy, do you like gladiator movies?" Chortle.

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You don't believe all those right-wing men and teenaged boys who spend hours and hours every day scouring the internet for gay porn to denounce are doing it to save us all. But I'm sure they don't enjoy it. It's only natural for straight guys to spend hours every day searching the far reaches of the net for gay porn.

It's like all those wingers slobbering over the Starr report. It wasn't about the sex. Yeah, right.

I feel about wingers the way I feel about all those A-list blogger boys and pundits who every day let their own misogyny leak all over the page or tv often it seemed without even realizing it. It's like they have no idea that they are telling you something about themselves, in part, because they may not be self aware enough to see the truth. It would be sad if it didn't lead to so much hate.