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National Park Police and Occupy protestors clash in Philly

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Looks like someone was injured but how,why isn't clear. And two different 'police' forces? Who were the one's pushed out of the park and what were the police in blue doing while the police in green were being pushed out of the park. Those in Green obviously felt really threatened while those in blue don't appear to feel threatened at all. And, obviously, there does seem to be a mob mentallity to the people.

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but it does give you a slice of life. It seems that Philly Park & Rec has its own police force, and that is what the guys in the light green uniforms are. The dark blue are city bicycle police.

As you say, there is no context so you can't see how the confrontation started. Also, based on other videos of the same incident it is obvious those making the videos were up for confrontation and had no sense of informing their viewers.