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National Day of Action, reports from the field iv

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Dying for Healthcare: A National Day of Protest Against Insurance Companies and Rejections of Patients

Philadelphia was one of the 18 cities around the country hosting demonstrations as a part of today's National Day of Protest Against Health Insurance Corporations protesting at the headquarters of each of the major health insurance corporations. Organized by Healthcare-NOW!," the speakers and demonstrators congregated in front of the national headquarters of Cigna in Center City with a crowd of around 200 people.

Nationwide Protests Support a Single-Payer Healthcare Plan

In New Jersey, a rally in Washington Park in downtown Newark drew about 75 people, mostly from labor unions from around the state.

Thousands Protest Health Insurance Lobbyists

Public Square rally touches on bills in Harrisburg, D.C. that would create public health care system.

Death Under the Guise of Health Care

We had a great rally and march in NYC yesterday. About 300 people turned out in front of the office of GHI (a non-profit insurer in NY State) and we then marched to the office of United Health.

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Submitted by gob on

- it's good to know Pittsburgh stacks up not too badly against the big guys.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

that so many protests could be organized for the same day. I am certain that health insurers saw it and took note. I think the politicians also noticed.

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For pushing this issue, and also for the -- gasp -- original reportage.

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