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NASA Photos of CA Wildfires

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Bush has gone back to DC. Schwarzenegger is headed back to Sacramento. Keep the folks on the ground -- firefighters, residents, homeless (4 badly charred bodies found in a canyon) -- and the animals -- in positive thoughts again tonight, please.

If you can spare donations, there are people in need.
From a post in the 33rd Liveblog at Big Orange today:

"The National Latino Research Center announced Wednesday that it will begin collecting donations for displaced farm workers and their families in North County.

Farm workers were among the most vulnerable affected by the recent wildfires, said Konane Martinez, a researcher with the Cal State San Marcos-based center.

"We ask that you join our efforts to ensure that nobody impacted by this disaster falls through rescue relief safety nets," Martinez said.

The National Latino Research Center is part of the Farmworker Care Coalition, which is coordinating the relief effort.

Organizers said they need clothes, food, and bedding. To make a donation, call (760) 750-8567.

6:52 p.m.

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I only read & searched through #32.

CSUSM is right there; I may switch from Border Angels to them.

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It's all Bush's fault and he hates black people too. Oh and one more thing, I stubbed my toe today and it was all Bush's fault.