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NARAL: Dead to Me

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Look folks, Dave speaks for me. It's a simple matter: if Satan promises you that you'd enjoy nice shoes in Hell and they wouldn't pinch, would you still make Hell your destination? Over Heaven? Put differently: if Satan promised you really great shoes, but that the cost would always be a chastity belt, would you still wear them?

OT, but from an email I got today from NARAL:

I know you are not happy with us for endorsing Senator Joe Lieberman. Here at NARAL Pro-Choice America, we're very proud of our high standard for endorsement. That having been said, from time to time, it does occasionally occur that a pro-choice elected official will take a position against our recommendation - and when that happens, it's always a disappointment. Senator Lieberman's vote (and the same votes of other fully pro-choice senators) for cloture on the controversial Alito nomination is one case in point. And his comments about emergency contraception caused us concern, as they undoubtedly did you as well - but he has since clarified his position, to our satisfaction.

But taking all facts into consideration - including many years of pro-choice votes in the Senate - we believe Senator Lieberman has continued to earn the NARAL Pro-Choice America endorsement. With so many relentless attacks on choice, and an anti-choice president determined to see this right taken away from American women forever, we must prioritize our work, and we need all the friends we can get. We treat him no differently than any other pro-choice senator - Democrat or Republican. I know we disagree on this one point, but our challenge is so monumental that I hope we can continue to stand together against our real opponents: President Bush, congressional leaders, and anti-choice senators who oppose us on every single vote.

First off, it's really sad to see a supposed "women's rights" group on their knees sucking the dick of a guy who could give a shit about rape victims. Secondly, how fucking delusional are these twits if they think Lieberwhore is ever going to "stand together" with them against "their real opponents: President Bush... and anti-choice senators"? He's making a career of enabling them, you stupid fucking morons.

NARAL is dead to me.
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Like I said, I don't disagree with Dave.

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