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Naked Came the Taser 3

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The good news, Tasers helped them handcuff their suspect:

A naked man who was banging on doors and windows at a northside apartment complex died Wednesday after being shocked by Tasers at least three times during a confrontation with Harris County sheriff's deputies, authorities said....

The deputy's Taser had little, if any, effect, officials said. After the man got out of the patrol car and pulled out the stun gun's prongs, the deputy fired it again while struggling with the man, officials said.

Another deputy arrived and ordered the naked man to back away, then used his Taser, investigators said.

Deputies were then able to handcuff the man, officials said.

He appeared to be unresponsive when paramedics arrived, officials said.

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The deputy's Taser had little, if any, effect, officials said.


American law enforcement must be making Taser very rich, these days. IMO, tasers address a problem that doesn't exist in a large enough way to warrant using tasers as much as officers are, these days. They often describe the false choice of either shooting vs. tasering, when it seems more likely than not that they are being abused, that is, used as crutches.