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Nader is running

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On "Meet the Press," Ralph Nader announced his run for president in 2008.

As they say in Miami, "Oy veh!"

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he'll take just enough votes to put McCain in the White House and ensure (at least) four more years of decay, dissolution and drowning in the bathtub, no matter who the Democratic nominee is.

Any takers? Anybody feeling really optimistic?

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Also, he says claims that Hillary Clinton (along with Obama, whom he plainly likes) is against single-payer, concluding that her compromise plan for Universal Healthcare is a repudiation of her longtime goal.

His major grievance with Obama appears to be his distancing himself from a pro-Palestinian agenda.

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i mean, i bet i'd get as many votes as he will (the the kind cast by people and not machines, that is) good job, ralph, your republican plant status now assured. thanks for finally putting that niggling nanoparticle of doubt i still entertained.

ralph: a "real" candidate who deserves facetime on one of america's most watched teevee news show despite lacking a viable party, money, or any demonstrable grassroots support.

edwards: who?

our media is so biased and sovietesque these days. how former KGB officers must be laughing now.