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Correntewire is an amazing blog. Great writing, incisive critique, a wonderful community of friends, and commenters, along with absolute fearlessness and integrity, and bloggers blogging for real change, for Green jobs, for a foreign policy supporting the best of American ideals, for fiscal and economic policies that work to produce full employment, price stability, and other components of the public purpose, and also for a democracy where people and not the plutocrats rule,

Correntewire has the most passionate bloggers on the Internet. There's Lambert Strether himself, tireless, literary, scholarly, filled with cutting edge humor, and out for justice. Libbyliberal, with her unrelenting, persistent moral passion and commitment to the real America that lives up to ideals. DC Blogger, incisive, cutting, mercifully brief compared to the rest of us, and always looking for the inconsistency, the underside of politics. Hugh, the nonpareil commentator on monthly BLS job statistics. Until you read Hugh's monthly analysis you can't know the truth about the jobs picture. Athena1 blogging progressive on economics. Tony Wikrent for stunning and unusual perspectives on economics and democracy. MsExpat for overseas perspectives you can't get anywhere else. Chicago Dyke for witty and energetic cuts at the political system. Hipparchia, for incisive commentary on health care. Danps for continuing insights on a variety of subjects and music too. Okanogen for Lo-Fi blogging and sardonic posts that always nail their quarry, and many others.

Corrente also has great commenters too. Some of them are the bloggers. But, in addition, coyotecreek, beowulf, Cujo359, Clonal Antibody, Eureka Springs, YesMaybe, Julia Williams, ValleyGirl, Tom Allen, Alexa, mtngun, Joe, wuming, and Brian, are all among the very substantial contributors to the dynamic at Corrente who routinely deliver thoughtful comments contributing to the crackling dynamic.

There's something else you'll find at Corrente that you won't find at other places. That's a neat little “book” feature, that allows bloggers to do a series of posts and then connect them conveniently with a structure of links that makes the series easily navigable, even if the posts haven't been written consecutively. I've done five such “books” myself over the past few years and there are many others for people to enjoy.

In addition to writing and exchanging views, Corrente also spawns activist efforts. For me, the outstanding effort was the Fiscal Sustainability Teach -- In Counter – Conference. A small team of Corrente bloggers and commenters organized that conference in about three weeks after I called for the event in a Post here and at FDL. We put the event together with the help of many kind people and at minimal cost, and with the use of Corrente's web site facilities including a team planning and project implementation capability we used at our web site, and to this day it is the only Conference dedicated to producing an MMT counter -- narrative to Pete Peterson's austerity shtick.

There have been other MMT conferences since. And now there's a seminar series at Columbia with many fine presentations. But the record of this Conference (at Corrente and selise's site) is both focused on answers to austerity and also has the most vigorous Q & A from participants on the web. It's a great contribution in that from that record alone a political counter-narrative to Peterson, Bowles, Simpson, Obama, Ryan, and other austerians can be forged.

By the way, an enhanced version of the team planning and project implementation capability will now be incorporated into the updated version of Corrente soon to go online. That's sure to enhance our activism over the next couple of years.

Finally, I'm very grateful for the existence of Corrente and for my participation in its community. It's a place where I know I'm always welcome, and as the saying goes "where everybody knows my name." And I want it to continue to bless us with its survival and growth. I'm making a contribution to this fund raiser, and if you can afford it, I'm asking you to contribute too. However, small it must be, or how large it can be, please just do it so we can all enjoy our wonderful community for another year.

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