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My teeth hurt from the grinding

Spent hours this afternoon turning off or removing any OS Mavericks functionality that had to do with the airwaves. Bluetooth: Gone. "Virtual interfaces": Gone. Old network connections: Gone. Thunderbolt Bridge, whatever the hell that is: Gone. And wherever there were lists, like of network interfaces, I moved WiFi first, ahead of whatever I couldn't kill.

At least I know I'm not the only one who's discovered that OS X just isn't reliable anymore. (I mean, c'mon guys. You fucked up WiFi? On a laptop with no Ethernet port?)

Anyhow, I've got a ping going in my shell right now, and there haven't been any dropped packets or dropped connections for a couple of hours, now. Yay?

Because it was so fucking miserably cold and rainy today, I didn't sit out in the garden, but went to the local coffee shop, and noticed something: In the garden, it seemed that I would always have problems around 3:00PM but I didn't know whether that was tenants coming home with new devices, or machines waking up, or whatever. However, in the coffee shop, bang! Dropped connection at 3:00PM, on the dot. That sounded like something waking up and polling the networks, or a script, or sumpin. So I started ripping out everything that wasn't WiFi, in the hope of killing whatever woke up.

Of course, it could all screw up again, tomorrow.

You just have no idea how frustrating and demoralizing OS Mavericks' WiFi suckitude has been. For weeks, I've had a rough patch of at least an hour a day doing this shit, and my level of irritation and stress has not been lowered, I'm tellin' ya. Snarl.

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Submitted by Splashoil on

Have you spent any time looking through the Apple Support Discussions threads? I'm sure your problems are not unique. That resource has helped many times as I supported my operation providing internet to five households including teenagers. There are monitoring tools available free as part of the OS. I have no problems here and have not needed to use the threads looking for answers but if I did that would be where I would start.

Submitted by lambert on

That was one of them. Amazing that WiFi under OS Mavericks isn't "settled law," as it were. I am by no means the only person with problems like this; some of the threads go back two years.

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Submitted by mellon on

#1 look at your logs. (

What do your logs say happened at 3 pm-ish? Did anything fail?

Do you have any "cron jobs" that run at 3 pm?

man crontab or man cron or similar in a terminal window

Alternatively, maybe there is some source of interference?

The little $10 SDR dongles don't go up to 2400 MHz by themselves but you can get something called an MMDS downconverter for another $10 (also from China, you'll also need a "power injector" or "bias-tee") and between the two of them you should be all set to literally see any sources of interference, as well as the wifi signals in all their glory. I guarantee you that whatever is causing interference to you them will be much easier to figure out.

You'll suddenly be able to see a huge chunk of the electromagnetic spectrum, (24-1750-ish MHz plus up to around 2700 MHz with the MMDS thing) highly recommended, literally the best value cheap geeky gadget ever.

Submitted by lambert on

Jeebus, that's a great tip on the console. I don't see a common pattern at all, though. Apparently OS X deprecates cron in favor launchd....

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Submitted by mellon on

On OS X, there used to be an app called Activity Monitor in the Utilities, is it still there?

You can and should install MacPorts and that will give you access to literally thousands of Unix apps.

Many of which would be helpful for all sorts of things.