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"My party has lost its soul: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and the victory of Wall Street Democrats"

Parties don't have souls; this is a category error on a par with "government is like a household"

But interesting (it's about -- gasp -- Ralph Nader's book

Especially for a Clintonite--

One reason we know voters will embrace populism is that they already have. It’s what they thought they were getting with Obama. In 2008 Obama said he’d bail out homeowners, not just banks. He vowed to fight for a public option, raise the minimum wage and clean up Washington. He called whistle-blowers heroes and said he’d bar lobbyists from his staff. He was critical of drones and wary of the use of force to advance American interests. He spoke eloquently of the threats posed to individual privacy by a runaway national security state.

He turned out to be something else altogether. To blame Republicans ignores a glaring truth: Obama’s record is worst where they had little or no role to play. It wasn’t Republicans who prosecuted all those whistle-blowers and hired all those lobbyists; who authorized drone strikes or kept the NSA chugging along; who reneged on the public option, the minimum wage and aid to homeowners. It wasn’t even Republicans who turned a blind eye to Wall Street corruption and excessive executive compensation. It was Obama.

A populist revolt among Democrats is unlikely absent their reappraisal of Obama, which itself seems unlikely. Not since Robert Kennedy have Democrats been so personally invested in a public figure. Liberals fell hardest so it’s especially hard for them to admit he’s just not that into them. If they could walk away they might resume their relationship with Nader. Of course that won’t be easy.


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Hence the telegraphic style

UPDATE I forgot to add: In the same way that Israel divided and distracted and infiltrated and scammed and co-opted Palestinian civil society the Democrats destroyed the left (since that is after all their function in the two-party system)

Now they have "nobody to negotiate with"

The Israels never did want that

at least after Rabin was shot

and the Democrats might (giving them some credit for good faith because after all I'm a nice guy)

but it's not clear that they can