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My own private Obama

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My Obama is opposed to a surge in Afghanistan

My Obama is opposed to expanded military missions in Pakistan

My Obama is opposed to saber-rattling at Iran

My Obama is opposed to US-authorized assassinations

My Obama is opposed to warrantless wiretapping

My Obama is opposed to detention without charges or trials

My Obama is opposed to renditions to Bagram

My Obama is opposed to whitewashing torture and corporate malfeasance

My Obama is opposed to handouts to Wall Street

My Obama is opposed to untimely tax cuts, spending freezes, and "entitlement reform"

My Obama is opposed to faith-based initiatives

My Obama is opposed to nuclear power and "clean coal"

My Obama never praises Ronald Reagan

My Obama never bashes liberals

My Obama supports gay marriage

My Obama supports real health-care reform and doesn't make secret deals with Big Pharma

I believe in this Obama because my tribe demands it. And my tribe is more important to me than either reality or good policy.

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Submitted by michaelwb on

Well, Alex I think the answer is "What if Dennis Kucinich was a telegenic person of color?"

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Submitted by vastleft on

Obama is well-supported because he's a "What's the Matter with Wisconsin?" candidate, someone who can and will sell a new generation on the splendors of Reaganomics.

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Submitted by michaelwb on

You were saying what you're Obama, I cracked a joke about those positions being Dennis'.

You're response here, seems a bit off the mark.

Folks (A List bloggers, OFA people, Media and the Whole Foods crowds) fell for Obama because he was telegenic and charming and their own bizarre attitudes about him being a person of color. Because of that, they thought they were getting their fantasy liberal, progressive person.

While ignoring Dennis' who actually did embody the progressive slate they falsely attributed to Obama, but they couldn't see it because he wasn't telegenic like Obama. (I'm not claiming Dennis would actually make a good President, but he does reflect those values way more than Obama in appearance or reality.)

I consider voting against your interests is a different concept. These folks thought they were voting for their interests but were mistaken.

I see voting against your interests is generally more a matter of supporting a candidate for a narrow set of issues (or spins on issues that sound favorable to you but aren't), while in general they are in fact against their actual interests. Like supporting someone because they are in favor of small government while not recognizing how you benefit from large government, etc.

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Submitted by vastleft on

Yes, Dennis is much more of a real liberal than Obama is.

Even he took a fateful hit of hopium, though, when he threw his Iowa Caucus votes to The One.

The thing that I'd add to your narrative is that Obama was well-supported by the ruling class, leading to successful marketing as you describe.

As to voting against your interests, Obama's express #1 agenda was to recast a change year as a time for collaborating with the Republicans, which is way the fuck against liberal interests and values.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

My Obama has a moral imagination not a narrow, ambitious political one.

My Obama has a humanist sensibility not a patriarchal one.

My Obama promotes harmony and partnership not power and control and military US exceptionalism.

My Obama uses might for right, not might MAKES right even when morally wrong.

My Obama takes responsibility for what he says not says anything for advantage.

My Obama considers the citizens his true constituency, not the media and the oligarchs.

My Obama understands that defying the Geneva Convention, defying habeas corpus, enabling and colluding with CIA black ops- and contracted mercenary- death squads is morally and legally wrong, both nationally and globally.

My Obama has a round table in which EVERYONE is welcome at the table, not a rhetorical faux-round table that is not round at all but excluding.