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My local hardware store just closed

I used to be able to walk there, and I don't drive. Where will I get:

  • Keys made
  • Light bulbs
  • Gardening supplies
  • Paint, brushes, rollers, dropcloths
  • Window film
  • Nails, screws, fasteners...
  • Tools

I suppose via a four-hour trip minimum, via the bus, to the mall, or a three hour trip, minimum, up the road to what is now the nearest store.

Or, I suppose, Amazon.

It's just a shame. I can't blame the guy ("I don't blame ya" is a well-known Maine saying) since the store was a labor of love, but sheesh... Just one more notch downward for the standard of living, so far as I'm concerned. And we lost the grocery store years ago.

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we have a HD but I try and not go there. There is an local owned Ace pricy but closer to me, then there's a local chain called Orchard Supply it was Great then Sear bought it and ran it into the ground. There's some investment firm that owns it now and the store have improved quality and service but there are still closing 7 store in Calli. The really cool hardware stores in the area have all closed down yrs ago.

I hate to say this but I use amazon a lot to save on gas. I use it enough so all my stuff comes in 2 days. They just built 1 million sq. ft. warehouse about 10mi away and another one about 20mi away they're pushing real hard in one day service here in Calli. Then again they don't pay a living wage for my town and half of the jobs are part time on call and I did that for about a month one time. They call and you might work 8hrs or 1hr not fun.

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Submitted by katiebird on

We get a lot of that sort of thing from eBay. Oddly A LOT of small businesses supplement their income with eBay shops.

Wouldn't work for new keys, I guess. But won't one of your local businesses have to take up that service?

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Where I live, there are small offshore islands eighteen miles and more out to sea. They had thriving Indian communities long ago judging by the midden piles. Sixty, seventy years ago some of them had ranchers on them (which destroyed the island ecologies, but that's another story).

This is the part I don't get. Once upon a time, people lived everywhere and had distribution networks that reached the tiniest settlements. But now that we have aircraft and phones and internet and the whole nine yards, now nothing's worth doing unless there's at least a million people to sell to.

What's going on here?

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Online shopping is your best bet. Won't work for keys, also not economic for small orders, but it is how I have lived w/out a car, even though I live in a big city.