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My humiliating demographic

OK, so I've mentioned that I've gotten hooked on a podcast, the excellent History of Rome, that I use both to fall asleep to, and to listen to, as content[1]. (Is America the New Rome? Not, so far, even in the same league.) Anyhow, one too many crazy emperors, and one too many battles, so I moved on the next series of podcasts, Revolutions.

So, the podcaster (Mike Duncan) finally got to the stage where he could do a little monetizing, and the first ad I hear is for this company:

So, the ad people think I'm a 30-something hipster and/or brogrammer from Brooklyn who subscribes to his razor blades. Although I suppose I could regard this as a compliment. And if I'm on the 40-ish side of 30-something (head) I'll choose the Winston; and otherwise (heart) the Truman. Sigh. Off by, oh, let's say by more than 10 years, and if they think I'm guaranteeing them a chunk of my revenue stream, such as it is, they're demented. Although... The convenience....

On the other hand, it's fascinating that whoever does Harry's media buy thinks that 30-something hipsters and brogrammers from Brooklyn want to listen to a podcast series about Revolution. I'm done with the English and American revolutions, and now I'm into the French.

And I thought, "What a country!"

NOTE [1] Not that I agree with everything Duncan says, or even his theses and methods, but it's at least good to get the timeline right. And the Duncan is indeed an engaging narrator.

UPDATE I imagine "Harry's" (modulo "hairy") vaguely connotes Harry's Bar, not Harry Lime, and not Harry Potter.

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Ah, Harry Lime. I bought the radio serial for my kids to listen to after school. There are a fair number of decent podcasts out there. Although I cannot endorse them in entirety, some good ones are the Majority Report with Sam Seder, Virtually Speaking, and The Extraenvironmentalist. After blanching at the exponentially rising cost and ludicrous technology of disposable razors, I taught myself to shave with a straight razor. Haven't paid a dime in years, other than soap and aftershave balm. Although the initial costs were high, it was rather like getting a well-constructed pair of boots that will probably last you the rest of your life, versus $20 "values" that fall apart after a couple of years. For a straight razor, it's a lifetime of savings after 18-24 months.

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Kudos, you are very brave.

I have been using the electric razor that I had bought for our yorkie twenty years ago....that never worked because her hair was so fine. She was relieved, she didn't like haircuts.

Anyway, it outlasted her, and no soap to buy!

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...and he's scant on dates (I'm a numbers guy).
I'm still in the throes of indecision about what I think.
We'll see...
But, thanks for the link. Cheers.

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Far too many emperors and battles. The Roman Empire needs its Braudel.

That said, it's useful for the broad sweep. If one gets the emperors in order, that timeline is a good proxy for dates.

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Nor I, agree.
I've spent the last 2 years going after the history of the U.S. And that starts far earlier than 1492 or 1620.
I can't help but review my pedestrian education from kindergarten through the 12th grade and on to university.
When seen and understood, it becomes incumbent upon us to bust the lie, so some semblance of accurate vision is available, in order to move forward with an idea of direction for understanding.
It seems a cruel joke, personally directed, until one realizes this is the norm throughout the world.
It definitely brings home the concept/scope of personal responsibility...

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Submitted by goldberry on

I'm not sure why you find this demographic humiliating. The thing I've always found strange about marketing is its attempt to force me into a box that doesn't fit me. So, it they throw stuff that makes me feel like I'm thirty again, that's ok. It's a good strategy to throw some randomness out there and do some design of experiments to see what hits. It indicates that they have a whole new ballgame when it comes to podcast listeners. We are our own demographic.
But in any case, I'm hearing a lot more podcasts hawking Nature Box and Casper Beds, which I could very easily see myself buying, assuming I get a real job someday. I thought Revolutions dude had other sponsors. I'm pretty sure he does blurbs for Audible. Audible probably didn't have any choice when it was swallowed by Amazon.
Just go with it and pay no attention to the ads that don't interest you.

Submitted by lambert on

... because they think they have disposable income I really don't have.

It's also somewhat humiliating because I feel like they put me in the brogrammer box, and there are issues with that....

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Submitted by nippersdad on

Could be worse. I keep getting ads for steroids, with pictures of people with shiny exoskeletons. I have no clue what gave them the impression that I am anything other than the Pillsbury dough boy.