If you have "no place to go," come here!

My Hillary T-Shirt arrived!!!

"For everyone who's ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out and for everyone who works hard and never gives up, this one is for you!"

I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's black. Which is an appropriate mourning color for me after reading the new bailout bill. (aside: ever since the haka circulating that the only mistake Congress/Wall St. made was allowing the whole clusterfrak to be called a 'bailout' instead of a 'rescue', it gives me great joy every time I type or say 'bailout'. Bailout bailout bailout bailout! to infinity!)

This is one of my favorite quotes of Clinton's, but it's thin protection against the great Satanic sacrifice of democracy on play tonight.

Lou Dobbs just now: contrary to the anecdotal reports by various Congresspeople claiming the for/against on the bailout! bill, Sen. Feinstein just 'admitted' that her office has received 92,000 phone calls on the bill, 85,000 of which were against.

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I finally managed to leave a voicemail with someone at Schumer's office after trying for days, I spoke with someone at Clinton's office, and left another voicemail with Obama. But it literally took me days to get through -- half the time I couldn't even get to the switchboard, and the rest of the time all of their office lines were busy. I did email them both though -- again.

I still have not been able to email or leave a message for Rep. Nadler. I got a call through to the local office for Rangel, but couldn't email. (I recently moved out of Nadler's district and into Rangel's, so I feel justified representing myself as a constituent to both of them -- if they're not going to pay attention to the details when they give away 700,000,000,000, I suppose I can fudge a little on my exact residence.)

I asked all of them to tell me exactly what portion of the additional tax burden would be borne by me and what services I should expect to see reduced or cut completely. I asked them to show me the math that was used to calculate exactly how much would be given to the failed companies and, in real dollars, how much these companies would benefit from the tax cuts. I asked for a written response and said I was really serious about wanting to see the math, especially about my portion of the burden (I had included my basic economic info). The person at Clinton's office told me that she didn't think it was possible and I asked her how Clinton could vote on something without knowing exactly how it would affect her constituents. Don't hold your breath, but I'll post if I ever get a response.

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I'm glad you're enjoying your shirt, Lambert. I don't have that one -- I have the one with her signature on it, which I'm quite fond of and plan on wearing on election day.

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and he is mad, mad, mad.

Put up pictures and amounts of CEO's take prior to selling: Merrill, Goldman, Morgan and Lehman, all collected millions before firms sold...even Lehman CEO
got millions trading in the stock before news hit the

What a bunch of scum bags.

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I LOVED that quote of hers. I'm happy you're happy!

I still have so many buttons, and yard signs, and rolls of stickers and rally signs from the campaign trail... after all this time it's weird that they're sitting on a shelf and not being put to good use.

I secretly still wear my "Hillary Staff" pin sometimes. :)

glad you love the shirt!

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I can hear you squealing like a little school girl from all the way over, here. ;)

I remember when she first delivered the line and everyone around me was like "yep, that's going to be a T-shirt."

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written in script on the front. Comfy and attractive.

How're we all feeling about HRC after today's vote.? Truthfully, I'm confused. I appreciate the situation in the credit markets and agree with her speech but I'm really hoping they get this HOME and E-Trust thing done.

I love this job!

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bailout plan to begin with? I remember P&B coming in front of a committee and screamed NOW, NOW, NOW but why at this time? Why not four months ago or four weeks ago? After everything went down - all the investment houses, Freddie and Fannie, AIG - they decide it's time to bailout the CEOs? I guess I just don't get it.

I love this job!

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bec of indymac and freddie/fannie, the time was right--and it would also hamstring Obama til they regained power.

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A temporary fix that would have held us until January? I guess the HOLC/HOME plan would have been a workable solution w/out the major cash outlay.

I guess I'm just amazed that this is taking place. Pardon my naivette.

I love this job!