If you have "no place to go," come here!

My first slow food convivium this Sunday!


If I don't space out, I'll attend, and write a report!

NOTE Slow food is important, because we need to reclaim the ability to taste. And we need to do that to reclaim our bodies, and ourselves, from the control of the corporations who, viewing us as "human resources," would prefer that we desire, and eat, the food they market. Unfortunately, corporate food doesn't taste so good.

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developed during the Clinton years (I could be wrong - it could be a Bush innovation, believe it or not) was supplying WIC mothers with food stamps for local Farmers Markets. It was a big plus all the way around - local farmers were selling more produce and WIC mums had more fresh veggies for their kids.

Last I heard, the Bush admin was cutting the program.

This is an important movement. I don't squeeze my own juice, but I have certainly made my own pasta and rarely eat fast food.

Please dont' space out. We want the details.