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My e-mail to the House Judiciary Committee

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In response to ChiDyke's post below, I sent this e-mail to the House Judiciary Committee:

As a historian who teaches a university course in Constitutional History, I recognize a constitutional crisis when I see one.

This administration would like to run out the clock and keep its wrongdoing hidden from congressional oversight. This is a real threat to the power of Congress to perform its oversight duties. If Congress can't serve as a check on the executive, who will?

Sometimes I'm astonished at how the folks who claim they're "small government" advocates will, at the same time, advocate an all-powerful Imperial Presidency that violates all principles of limited government power.

Not only must you issue subpoenas, Mr. Conyers, you must pursue every possible investigation against this administration. If you fail to do so, Congress could be rendered impotent for the next generation.

You can send your e-mail here.

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