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My Dream Realized?

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On Nov. 4 I had a dream that my vote would be the one vote that put Al Franken over the top, beating the odious Norm Coleman.

My dream is closer to reality than I could have hoped for:

"The Franken campaign reached yet another conclusion -- Franken ahead by four votes -- by including a projection on 6,655 ballots challenged by both campaigns."

It makes my shrivelled little black heart swell, just the tinniest of bits.

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Submitted by elixir on

Franken in office. It's always amazing to me when elections like these between two diametrically opposed candidates come down to a handful of votes. It reminds me of 2000 when Al Gore seemed to make soooo much sense and Gov. Bush was a relative unknown and kind of a joke. Oh boy, were we wrong.

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Submitted by Davidson on

I would love to see Franken in the Senate and by a smidge, too.

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Submitted by Damon on

I haven't been following this closely, but from the few reports I've seen on this, they always make it sound as if it'd be a miracle if Franken could pull this off. Are you being overly optimistic, or are they trying to shut out Franken?