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Murtha On Fire! Fire! Flames!

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This is what Leadership Looks like. Lambert, it's a wmv file and I don't know how to embed it and I've got to run. If you can make it a videobox here, I'd appreciate it. "It's not going to happen on his terms!" "These political speeches don't solve the problem" "He's going to be held accountable." "We're not going to compromise on his terms."

Oh, I'm faint. Someone pass the smelling salts, I think I'm in love...

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Real life demands my attention. I've someone will get this into YouTube and post the URL in comments, I'll post it here.


No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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Jack Murtha is a real leader. Given his background, nobody can question his patriotosm or his comittment to the troops. Murtha's bonafide "hawk" credentials gave the Congressional Democrats perfect cover for a more aggresive defunding strategy. Too bad they did not have the courage to follow his lead. Unfortunately, by and large, they bought into the Rovian "abandoning the troops" meme. So now we've got this less-than-perfect supplemental bill, with some limitations (which the Senate will likely newter and the President will veto.) But Murtha's justifiable anger saves the day, as far as I am concerned. Basically Uncle Jack is sayng: "Look President Bush, you're the one who overshot the mark. You are asking us for the money and we are going to give it to you. But you, Mr. Preznit, are going to be held accountable for every dime of it! You built this war on false pretenses and with inadequate funds and now you are asking for a larger construction loan. Well OK. But the Congress are the bankers and we have every right to impose limitations and deadlines. Live with it, Junior."

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I'm very unimpressed with the Hilbamwards out there right now. Although any one of them would be vastly superior to the Bu$hie crime syndicate, none of them really get my respect. I will support whomever the party sends up against the Cheneyburton heir apparent.

It would be nice if I could be convinced any of them really had the good of the world on their mind.

Al Gore seems to be too smart to take the campaign road again. Also, I find the sycophants who fawn about him tedious. Don't get me wrong: I know he's right, but calling him "Goracle"? Seriously?

Somehow it does not seem I am alone. Give us a President who remembers the Constitution, who's willing to personally sacrifice for something other than his or her own ego or bank account. Find someone soon, before all vestiges of the Republic are lost in a corporate Empire.

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I now desperately hope Mr. Gingrich gets into the race as he's been mincing-around-hinting-at for months now, just so we can all use the word you give us here

(which the Senate will likely newter and the President will veto.)

in every single instance when referring to him.

Hee hee....f'in brilliant!

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I can only claim credit for the accident of language. You made that brilliant connection! Run Newt, run!! hehe

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It would be interesting to know how much military experience is represented on the House Democratic side relative to the representatives of strip malls on the Republican side. My sense is that the preponderance of it is with the Democrats, with the Republicans probably mostly men who had other priorities when their time came.