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Murder by spreadsheet at Big Pharma

American Scientist:

As a society, we have put the discovery and development of new drugs in the hands of “Big Pharma.” As a result, profitability overrides health benefits. This is painfully obvious when we learn about highly effective drugs that never reach market because the illnesses they alleviate are rare. ...

We have the technology and the basic knowledge to embark on the search for individual genes and proteins that are responsible for essentially all types of cancers. This endeavor could enable target therapies that transform deadly tumors into manageable, chronic disease, if not offering outright cures. Such treatments would have to evolve together with precise diagnostic tools, so that tailor-made therapies could be assembled for each patient. But this fantastic perspective may end up crashing into the wall of economic concerns, which are the consequence of marketing health as if it were merchandise.

What do you mean, "as if?"

"Patients" are "human resources," from whose very flesh rent it to be extracted -- in this case, rent for the intellectual property of Big Pharma.

NOTE Via Yves.

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