If you have "no place to go," come here! -- "BREAKING NEWS: Calif. high court upholds gay marriage ban but allows existing marriages to stand"

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Hate wins! Fuck.

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I am so, so sorry to see this. Each time I begin to have hope we're becoming a civilized people, a big splash of cold doubt is tossed in my face.

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crummy schools, screwed up government, and now this. Some Golden State. California's turning into Mississippi.

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what does that say about the 'rule of law?' The decision of the court is that gay marriages are illegal, however, those few of you who hurried up and married while the issue was still in court can stay married - illegally? If gay marriage is so wrong as to be illegal, why are a few of them ok?

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IMHO, is that the court upheld the amendment based on it not impinging on any rights held by gays/lesbians other than having their unions called marriages by the state. In other words, california still requires "gay marriage", you just can't use the word "marriage".

My suggestion -- let gays and lesbians get "maried" while straights get "married". Turn the issue into a spelling error.... ;)

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Its kinda hard to overturn one of those. Upholding the marriages prior to the constitution was amended makes sense since it was legal and *no law* can make an act a crime retroactively without running a foul of federal constitionality.

I don't agree with Prop 8, but never thought the CA courts would overturn a constitutional amendment. CA is going to have to amend their constitution (or try SCOTUS?) to overturn this beast.

I was shocked to see how little activity was going on in the anti-8 camp. I knew plenty of CA LGBT who put all or almost all of their time on Obama's campaign (which was a forgone conclusion after the economic meltdown) instead of prop 8. The anti-8 campaign showed no urgency from my perspective. It was not favored to pass in late summer but then started to decline. There is no excuse for hate, but whoever was running the anti-8 campaign should never get another campaign job. Hell, on Facebook, there were few anti8 groups until *after* prop 8 passed. That's absurd.

I don't think that you can say a whole lot about CA's views on gay marriage from prop-8. There was a massive disinformation campaign in favor of 8 that had almost no response. Even though I moved, well informed friends kept asking me about the veracity of some of the claims of the pro-8 ads.

The battle to overturn 8 is gonna need a better campaign for 2010 or 2012.