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MSM's Congressional Medal of Honor?

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Not news anymore that the editorial staff of the WaPo seems not to read its own reporters' often excellent digging up of facts. But still it's sad that good hard work in reporting gets tossed out in favor of the rightward slant.

As reports of actual happenings pointed out a very few days ago, Russia's leaders slammed ours for warmongering and essentially warned the U.S. not to 'bring it on' when it comes to a first strike on Iran.

Russia's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday criticized the United States for what it called over-reliance on force and warned Washington against military action against Iran.
Russia criticized what it called "the creeping American strategy of dragging the global community into a large-scale crisis around Iran," saying that Iran helps maintain stability in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Our recent efforts to return to diplomacy since we are failing miserably at the unilateral war we've committed in the the Middle East, we have a formerly friendly Saudi leader slamming into us for our illegal occupation of Iraq.

King Abdullah's harsh - and unexpected - attack on the US military presence in Iraq could be a Saudi attempt to signal to Washington its anger over the situation in Iraq and build credibility among fellow Arabs.

The kingdom has taken an aggressive leadership role to quiet Mideast troubles, and wanted to show other Arabs it was willing to put their interests above its close ties to the United States.

Holding hands on the primrose paths of Crawlforth Ranch seems to be well behind us in our relations with Saudi Arabia. They have fences to mend with their neighbors, and we are daily losing hearts and minds along with the rest of their bodies in Iraqi's streets and what primrose paths they may have left.

Our best efforts, or what with this cretinous White House bunch passes for the same, have been producing more tantrums from Kom Il Jong who has walked out of the six-party talks when freeing up frozen funds wasn't timely delivered.

The six-party talks came to an abrupt halt in Beijing on Thursday as North Korea boycotted negotiations until its US$25 million frozen at a Macau bank to be transferred to its account. The U.S. had agreed to unfreeze the money on March 19, and insisted that the delay was merely due to issues of a bureaucratic nature.

Too bad we started all this by the cretin in chief's favorite 'Axis of Evil' childish complaints that now diplomatic efforts aren't erasing.

Enabling words stream from the WaPo editorial staff, with a small admission to the reality of the situation.

Bush administration officials have been congratulating themselves on the relative speed and deftness with which the latest sanctions resolution was pushed through the Security Council. They are right, in a way: The diplomatic campaign against Iran has been pretty successful by the usual diplomatic measures. Not only has the United States worked relatively smoothly with European partners with which it differed bitterly over Iraq, but it has also been effective lately in winning support from Russia, China and nonaligned states such as South Africa.

Critics who lambasted the administration's unilateral campaign against an "axis of evil" a few years ago ought to be applauding the return to conventional diplomacy. We, too, think it's worth pursuing, especially when combined with steps short of a military attack to push back against Iranian aggression in the region. Still, two years after President Bush embraced the effort, it has to be noted: The diplomatic strategy so far has been no more successful than the previous "regime change" policy in stopping Iran's drive for a nuclear weapon.

[emphasis added]

Editorial 'great job, chimpies' are pretty discredited by the reality of our regime's cacophony of failures. Sad to see the news reports of able and insightful reporters go to waste in the face of editorial blinders. The Wall Street Journal has led the way, but WaPo is an apt student of the disassociation of drawing conclusions from gathering of facts.

Without the blogs for balance, a lot of people looking for apt analysis and adhesion to reality would be meeting a blank wall.

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