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Ms. Napolitano, tear down this wall!

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Janet Napolitano, director designate of the Department of Homeland Security, is said to be thinking about reconsidering building that "border wall" Chertoff rammed down our throats at the hands of a compliant Congress in the "no brown people allowed" aftermath of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
If she's got any sense she'll dissolve the damn agency, not sit back and enjoy the "mitigation" of harm the propsal for more than 670 miles of fences -- some of it through the middle of wildlife reserves and state parks -- a puny $50 million "payment" plan can offer.

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I don't know how close you are to this fence and the border, but it seems to be an awful example of government running roughshod over so many areas and people's properties. The effect on wildlife will be terrible--little tunnels do not function all that well for animals.

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or the college campuses; it's the villages and cross-border trade that wall (intends to in the service of US corporations, big Pharma etc.) will disrupt. Chertoff sued the Nature Conservancy to condemn land out of the middle of a preserve so the wall could arise miles from the border and divide the wildland.

The wall is evil.