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Ms. Cat asleep in the chair

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Tootsie asleep in the chair

Cat therapy. This is my Maine coon "Tootsie". If you check out her paws, you'll see she is "polydactyl". The Maine coon is the "State Cat" of Maine, where it developed as a "natural breed", without the help of crazed cat breeders.

Apparently many of the original Maine coons were polydactyls. However the "cat breeders/ cat showing organizations" disallow them- so polys are not "correct" Maine coons.

Tootsie is a purebred Maine coon (a few breeders keep the "poly history" alive). That said, I didn't get her from a breeder. I found her at a cat rescue place, where she was one sad kitty. However, they had some "papers" on her, so I figured out which cattery she came from, and her lineage.

I was fascinated by Maine coons, but really wanted a rescue cat. I got lucky.

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May more Maine Coon kittehs continue the polydactyl tradition.

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I've only had this one Maine coon, so I don't know how she compares with non-poly Maine coons. And also my first "poly", among many cats. Ms. Cat is certainly extremely adept at catching prey- pretty amazing, actually, for her small size. That's what a cat would need to do to survive in the wild. Thankfully, so far, Tootsie brings 'em in alive to show me (with that particular cry "have I got something to show you!") and I put them back in the wild. She even brought in Kermit the pond frog to show me, and he's a big frog. And, an Alvin.

There are a lot of "poly" fans out there, be it a Maine coon or your regular Moggie with extra toes. They do sometimes hilarious things. Tootsie loves to pick up straws, for example.