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Mrs. G encounters the Bank of Satan

Go read. One of many, many stories, and they're all the same: Thievery at the executive level disguised as incompetence at the call center, and in the name of the great God, usury.

Oh, yeah, did I mention Mrs. G was enrolled in Obama's HAMP program? Here's what Barry said about HAMP on February 1, 2010:

[OBAMA] We're now pushing the banks as hard as we can to make sure that not only do they do the most with the resources that we've been giving them, but that they also do a much better job of customer service with people who are coming to them. I get letters all the time of people who've gone through all kinds of hoops, filled out forms; the bank doesn't call them back, or after they've gone through a trial period, the bank says, well, we now think we shouldn't give you a home modification.

What we're trying to do is to increase transparency and force all the banks to tell us exactly what are you doing with your customers who want to stay in their homes, can't afford to pay a mortgage, but need something a little bit more limited.

Mrs. G, December 10, 2010:

Well, they contacted me yesterday.

"Mrs. G, you are six months past due for a total of $16,000 plus. We are activating accelerated foreclosure on you at this time." ...

On top of all this, I got another call from BOA this afternoon informing me that I was past due and foreclosure was imminent. ...

I'm done.

And, at this point, as much as I love this house, as much as I love it here, they can have it. They can have the damn thing I do not care anymore. I hate everything and everyone. I feel like the fight has gone out of me, that I'm just over it. Whatever. I'll start packing now.

Mission accomplished! Mrs. G has done her little bit to help the banksters clean up their balance sheets! That's what HAMP was designed to do.

As Atrios remarks:

Treasury blessed predatory lending program.

Mrs. G might as well be Joseph K.

HAMP is Obama's program. He can change it tomorrow by executive order. He doesn't, because he doesn't want to. That's because he's a conservative. Stealing shelter from Mrs. G and thousands like her is immoral. Obama's supporters, and the rump D party that still supports him, should be ashamed of themselves. They never will be, of course, since shame isn't an emotion encouraged at Versailles. But they should be.

NOTE Via Avedon. And Ohio will love the HAMP site -- It's got gradients!