If you have "no place to go," come here!

Move your money, but don't close your account!

Here's why. Comment at NC:

Do NOT close your accounts, just cut off the flow of cash into the accounts and leave them open, languishing taking up valuable server space and costing them money to keep them operating. Let them close it whenever, but set up other accounts first, migrate cash and direct deposits second, and third leave the old accounts alone, empty. You do not have to march into a bank branch, just quietly move on. March into a credit union instead.

Yep. Why invest one second of your time helping the banksters?

NOTE And the nice thing about this approach is that you don't have to deal with the "What can we do to keep you?" script from the three-ring binder.


Submitted by cg.eye on

and I'd damn near guess that a bankster was the commenter -- doesn't he know that banks love charging for balances under a certain amount? Only someone with enough money to never know what those fees look like could say such a silly thing.

And setting up a credit card, but only charging/paying 99 cents per month? What planet are these commenters on? Not only will the card company charge nuisance fees out of spite, they'll find a way to lower your credit rating.

Better to cut the cord clean. Keeping active relationships with them only allows opportunities for more rents -- so, don't..