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Moustache of understanding: The way for the US to regain its moral authority is to become a full-on petrostate

Thomas Friedman in the Times:

The way you defeat such an enemy [Putin + ISIS, because they are totes like each other] is by being “crazy like a fox,” says Andy Karsner, the former assistant energy secretary in the last Bush administration and now the C.E.O. of Manifest Energy. “We have one bullet that hits both of them: bring down the price of oil. It’s not like they can suddenly shift to making iWatches.” We are generating more oil and gas than ever, added Karsner, and it’s a global market. Absurdly, he said, the U.S. government bans the export of our crude oil. “It’s as if we own the world’s biggest bank vault but misplaced the key,” added Karsner. “Let’s lift that export ban and have America shaping the market price in our own interest.”

Wowsers. Dick Cheney has risen from the grave! (Or wait, is Cheney alive? How can they tell?)

If the price of oil plummets to just $75 to $85 a barrel from $100 by lifting the ban, and we have implemented tax reform that signals our commitment to clean growth, we inevitably weaken Putin and ISIS, strengthen America and show the world that we deserve to lead because we’re back to doing big, hard things at home that once again differentiate us — not just bombing in distant lands and pretending that’s getting the job done.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing, asked Karsner, if we showed up at the global poker table, across from Putin and ISIS, “holding four aces, instead of just bluffing with a pair of 2’s?”

Well, except for the groundwater, of course. And the oil curse. Fucking wankers. I'm thanking The God(ess)(e)(s) Of Your Choice that Maine has no hydrocarbons and we're out of the line of fire.

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It is like he has never heard that we only have about five percent of the world's oil reserves, and most of those are pretty difficult of access. Were we to tap every drop of the stuff it wouldn't bring the price down, and and in the unlikely event that it did it wouldn't last long enough to make up for all of the permanent environmental destruction it would entail.

There just aren't enough Friedman Units.......

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Submitted by mellon on

I hope people realize that if we end that ban, especially [via TTIP which is what they want], its irreversible nomatter what happens in the future.

The predictions are that the cost of heat and electricity will go up a lot. Which will invariably lead to a lot of homes lost and job loss. The main reason Europeans so overwhelmingly live in apartments is the cost of energy. Its even higher in Asia.

We're not ready for a huge spike in energy costs, as a country. Don't let them do it.