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"Most Democrats Want Clinton to Run in 2016"

Eight years since 2008.... That's a lot of blood under the bridge, isn't it?

So far as I can tell, Clinton isn't even Level-1 compliant with the 12-Point Platform, so who gives a shit?

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Remember the brief Hillary bubble in 2010? It was implicit buyer's regret. The hopey changey thing did not work out and Hillary is the last man standing. I confess part of me is glad to see all her old enemies coping with her continued popularity.

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The largest pool of those polled were Independents, 550 of 'em. How quaint to leave their opinions out of the initial article.

The full results are here:

And of course, the poll was only aimed at Republican and Democrat candidates, no other option given.

The most interesting thing not reported? Independents' second preference after Clinton at 53 % was Christie at 32%, though the article would have you believe he was out of favor.

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Beats Rand Paul, beats Jeb Bush.

And takes 1/3 of Independent voters' favor among a weak field. At this stage that 20% gap between Clinton and Christie among Independents is negligible. For as much as the article you linked knocked Christie, he is still well positioned among the public. That was my point with that observation.

Besides, the bigger point is the failure to ask Independents if they would like a third party candidate to run. NYT and CBS promote status quo with poll.

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The National Enquirer informs me that right wingers plan to spend half a billion dollars to defeat her. My reaction was only half a billion?. I will be voting for whatever left of center emergent party candidate is on the DC ballot. I will be concentrating on down ballot races. But that does not mean I won't take some pleasure in Hililary's candidacy. Neo Liberal War Monger or no, it is funny to see her play road runner to her enemies'. Wylie Coyote.

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Yep. I think the Department of Schadenfreude is going to be working overtime in 2016.

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What a surprise: most people who're fine with associating themselves with a morally bankrupt scam artist collective called the Democrats are just fine with a best-of-breed, morally bankrupt scam artist running as its standard bearer! You know, if I hadn't concluded already that people who can still self-identify as Democrats, without prefacing their partisan preference with heavy qualifiers[sup][1/sup] must be missing either their souls or their minds, I'd be totally shocked at this poll result. Totally. Practically every Democrat I know voted for Obama, and to a man or woman, they say they did so because Hillary was too far to the right, too hawkish, too cozy with corporations and Wall St. Most of them are deeply disappointed with how far to the right Obama turned out to be and have been since 2010. Everything they don't like about Obama, once he showed who he really is, they already knew they didn't like about Hillary back in 2008. They long for an alternative to Obama's blatant yet oddly bland corporatism. Yet here we are thinking about 2016, and they are already accepting that there is no alternative to HRC, a Democratic sellout they found so unacceptable they rushed to elect an unknown. I say again, either the head or the heart is fatally infected and putrescent. What can one do with such people?

[sup]1.[/sup] such as [i]ex-[/i] or [i]former-[/i], or [i]I-would-be-but-for-how-Democrats-piss-on-their-voters-once-elected[/i]