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Mosaic Madness

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Via the Society of American Mosaic Artists, where you can view plenty more that are cool/suck/confusing/incredible.

Busy day today, but I wanted to confess to you all my new obsession. I won't be able to garden for long months yet, and the need to do something with my hands (get your mind out of the gutter) has driven me to explore a new craft/art form. Also, poverty. If you like to craft but can't afford all those expensive supplies, you can do some amazing things with some cement, paint, and broken shards of glass, clay or pebbles.

Recycling has to become a Way of Life for us. We have to learn to live the truth that everything we throw away has an "energy cost" as well as a landfill cost.

We also have to accept that the decline of our currency and the world's retreat from America means we'll be getting less of that cheap plastic consumer junk, the crap we use to fill our spare time and to validate ourselves with as we buy it. "Look at me, I shop therefore I'm free!" That party is over, folks.

Mosaics are one way to get more out of what we have. I know it can get out of hand, but that's a danger in any craft. Still, I am starting to see all kinds of objects that I can improve (or ruin, depending on your taste) by slapping on a pleasing cover of colored tiles and grout in an artsy design. Further, if you do it correctly, mosaic technique can greatly improve the durability of an object and make its useful liketime longer. Also: how cool is it to have an object that your friends/guests can't help but notice, for its originality and uniqueness? And you don't even have to tell them that underneath all that pretty glass and tile is a chipped plastic thing you found in a dumpster.

Anyone out there who is a member of the ASMA? I'm thinking about joining; if it proves to be more than a flash in the pan hobby and I keep this up for a year.

Eventually, I'll even be brave enough to post a pic of my own work. For now, be glad I'm sparing your eyes and aesthetic sensibilities.

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Why so bashful? Let us see the fruit of your efforts. Who knows, you might inspire some among us to try their hand at mosaic art.


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Submitted by chicago dyke on

and too easy to make bad art. i don't mind what you think of me for the former, but when it comes to my art, it's sort of like they are my children. just as mothers don't want strangers to laugh at their harelipped child, so too must i protect the delicate feelings of this wholly unflattering excuse for a plant stand.

but in time, i'm sure i'll be so proud of something i'll post it. i hope you won't rue that day. ;-)

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I think of it as an acronym for

Redundant Use of Explanation

and while it is intended as a pejorative, it is often my only strength as a writer. :)

Anyway, I've yet to rue the day I read anything you posted.

Or anyone else here.