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Morgen Gehört Mir!

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Can we drop Joe Lieberman on Iran?

I don't mean metaphorically. I mean put him in the cargo hold or bomb bay of some muscular, codpiece swelling iron bird, and then release him over the city of Tehran. Of course, we would give him a parachute--we're not brutes, for goodness sake. He would be our gift to the Iranian poeple. They could use him as a door stop or make a kite out of him.

Perhaps he could lead the Iranian faithful in prayer.


Via Huffington Post.


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Some of us have no. German. whatsoever. "Morgen Contorted Mirror" or whatever that said could mean anything from "kiss my shiny robot ass" to "may our eggs share the same nest" to "Morgan le Fay is the real hero of the King Arthur legends" (well, okay, that last seems a tad implausible but I just like saying it.)

Lambert's the worst, speaking of Nazi jargon, tossing out one of those sevennormalsizedwordsjammedtogether words which always remind me of Cecil Adams' attempt to translate "Look at all that fucking snow" into Aleut, another agglutinative language.

(It came out "Observe the snow. It fornicates" in case anyone is interested and yet somehow not a Straight Dope fan already. Cecil admitted it still needed work.)

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Ich glaube, es geht "Morgen Gehört mich?

Aber hey, Ich könnte falsch sein.