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More troubling behavior from the Secretary of State

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Did Hillary really get off on all that revolution stuff? Inquiring minds want to know!

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the resurgence of CDS or has it never receded? Do I smell fear of 2012 or just plain public acceptance of misogyny?

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Would someone please point me to a list of major-blog posts that debunked the myth that proved so many to be FITH?

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Who visited his would-be assassin in jail. Only better.

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Last I checked all the "progressives" are still raking Palin with their talons. I can't get through one damn dinner party without a jab at either Palin or both Clintons. I pointed out to them that their constant referral to Sarah Palin is likely to make her a candidate in 2012. These people agreed and went with Clinton. Crap.

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That's what the Republicans are aiming for, and that's what Palin is setting up. And every time the "creative class" sneers at her (and if you listen to it, the class-based markers coudn't be clearer) they're providing ammo.

Well done, FKD. First, throw Hillary's 18 million under the bus. Then, start telling them they've got to "sacrifice." Finally, start shoving them in the direction of the other party. Thanks, "progressives"!

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Just read this and you will know for sure.

Some gems:

"a reminder of how alien Hillary's hard-edged political machine is to the diplomatic realm of the State Department. That has some career State-watchers bracing for a culture clash, especially given that Mills is just one of several key members of Hillary's inner circle, or "Hillaryland," "

"To some, this influx echoes the Hindenburg disaster of Hillary's run for president, with its clashing egos, awful management, and endless tawdry leaks. "Given the way the campaign wound up, I think the question mark hanging over her head is whether the department will fall prey to the kinds of feuds and organizational paralysis that plagued the campaign," says the former campaign aide."

What, no "Rivalgasm"?

"Subcontracting crises to focus on long-term strategy has considerable appeal. But it also brings real risks. The number of outsized personalities within the State Department, as well as the number of strong wills outside it with whom she will have to coordinate, will require Hillary to be a diplomat among the diplomats."

Apparently not.

"Fortunately, there are signs that Hillary is paying better attention to management principles than she did when running for president."

Who can forget the good ole days!

"What's more, Hillary has taken the unusual step of appointing a second deputy, Jack Lew, to focus explicitly on management. Lew, a Queens native and Harvard grad, is a former Clinton White House budget director--an important qualification for a woman whose primary campaign ran out of cash in February."

Har! She are stoopid.


"Serenity may be too ambitious a goal...."

Certainly if The Village has anything to say about it!

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this video of Chris Matthews giving Hillary his fifth Hardball Award, don't miss it. I don't trust him as far as I can throw him, but this was very pleasant viewing. He sounds sincere anyway.

I dedicate this to all those afficted with CDS. Poor thangs.