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More thoughts on rebooting Campaign Countdown

... quickly, because I'm going to go take a few shots of the snow before it gets dark.

First, it seems like the stone Correntians liked it a lot. So that's good news.

There are issues with ease of readability and accessibility that a table of contents and a short summary at the top might help with.

There needs to be a way for people to contribute so it's not all on lambert -- and this is good since we get broader sourcing anyhow.

There should be a way to subscribe in email form, possibly with advertising.

Snippets should be automagically placed on maps and/or timelines.

Those are my take-aways. What did I forget?

* * *

One question: Should I lose the section on "national politics"? It's time-consuming, but OTOH I frankly thought my coverage was superb, even if in the "I read this crap so you don't have to" mode. On the third hand, it's a major time sink, and everybody who is anybody in national politics is stupid and/or evil, so it's a strain to write about it after awhile. I'm just not sure. Does it drive readers?

If we lose the national politics, then the title needs to change. But to what?

However, if we keep "Campaign Countdown," countdown to what? The midterms?

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Submitted by danps on

on the surveillance state, maybe something like Panopticon. A view from the sky, but a good kind! And I think it would be good for any new branding to not be tied to campaigns. Get away from the horse race implication.

RSS/email advertising is a great idea. Make as much as you can of it. As for national politics, I think that's a crowded field. I don't think a jaded edition of the stuff everyone else puts out would be a big value add. The big value would be bringing in lesser-known stories from smaller/independent sources and looking for ways to tie them together. That is a wide open field.

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Submitted by Alexa on

focus greatly, and draw mostly a very niche audience of environmentalists and civil libertarians. Which is fine, if that's what you're wanting to accomplish.

Since the "new economy" is one of the (I think) most pressing issues of our time, doing away with "national politics" would not be very fruitful, IMHO.

Charters? As in schools?

Again, just my "two cents."

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

I can't speak to readership "numbers" but the response over at NC was overwhelmingly positive. While it lasted, it was my go to for news, period, even more than links (though in a way your countdown was a more dense and broader iteration of lilnks).

I don't know how you did it day in and day out. But I'm one of the loud "Aye"s for resurrecting the format.