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More thinking on Child Of Campaign Countdown

Because I keep seeing stories that ought to be covered in it, and CC really was a unique resource that I needed to consciously build readership for (since it really is unique, both in content and formally). So...

Is the "Countdown" aspect important? I chose that title because I assumed -- wrongly!!! -- that the Democratic convention would turn into some sort of inflection point, a la Chicago 1968. It did not such thing, but the countdown followed by launch was still a good metaphor for the campaign.

But if the Countdown aspect is important, then Countdown to what?! Surely not 2016?

And if the Countdown aspect is not important, what is a better name?

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Submitted by tom allen on

Since we're in shock doctrine mode, you could count down to the crisis du jour. (De saison? IDK, I took German.) This month a Sequester Countdown, next month a Debt Ceiling Countdown, till we get to a Countdown to Armageddon.

I read CC religiously, and thought the countdown theme was a good hook. (The hook didn't work so well post-convention, but CC was still great.)

Submitted by lambert on

I'm sort of feeling that would look like being jerked around.

Maybe just number then sequentially starting with 0 (which explains the series?) Like

___ [a] ___ #0: ___[b]___

where [a] is the name of the series, and [b] is an actual headline. I think that a headline would also serve as another hook for readers.

My keen name, whatever #0: Obama revealed as Nixon's grandson, also too fracking and Walmart implosion

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Submitted by ekster on

In retrospect, the most essential quality of the Countdown per se seems to be that it gave you a chance to declare liftoff (at negative whatever, stipulated) and hang it up for a while. It was an awesome documentary, but I can well believe that it took a toll.

As long as you've got a plan for stepping away from it now and again, though, you don't need the name itself to have that license built in. a-number-b is a nice hook ... the "a" series name could be changed up now and again like chapter titles in a book, perhaps. Not that satisfying chapter close is likely to be evident in medias res any more than it is at T minus anything, but that's just the nature of the project.