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In the first post I showed the sea salt drying beds and harvesting. We finished our trip in Had Chao Samran (had=beach [pronounced hat]). It's a favorite place for Thais but most farang don't know about it, so I very rarely see westerners there.
Chao Samran has a couple of fishing villages still very active. It holds a special place for me for that reason; I've been around the sea all of my life and crewed a commercial salmon troller (line fishing, not nets) out of Coos Bay, Oregon in the late 70's.
We stayed at an army resort there in Chao Samran, We've been going there for years. The Navy also has a resort in Hua Hin where we've also stayed. The Thai military has resorts all over the country and they are great places to stay. We also get a discount because my wife is a civil servant.
Anyhoo, here are some pics. We tend to go during the week so there are usually very few (and I mean few) other people. At times we're the only guests (and I love it). ;o)

This is the dining area right on the beach. As you can see, there are no people. And there is a beach; not covered with beach chairs and umbrellas, no mean feat.

Typical long-tail (outboard engine) fishing boat. No cabin because they are day boats (not out for multiple days).

Heading in to unload the days catch. Squid rigged boats go out at sunset with lights to draw in the squid (it's a great sight at night to see them out)

Home port for the fleet. I'm not sure what the large boats are for; they appear to be sight seeing types, not commercial net boats.

The long-tail power for these boats and they are steered with a tiller extending forward from the engine.

This caught my wife's eye; no idea.

Maybe a witch (Mae Mote) made an emergency crash landing?

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Nothing better than the beach with no people, resort with no people, fresh fish for your meals:)

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...and I sat there for 9 hours and did exactly nothing.
Just looked at and listened to, the sea.