If you have "no place to go," come here!

More tactical originality at Ferguson

Fergusonians had regular Sunday dinners on site, or at least outside; lots of bonding and solidarity there. The twitterer is referring to a Sunday dinner for 500, in New York, funded by donations, like the Ferguson dinners.*

I look in vain for convivial, interstitial events like these in Sharp's 198 Methods. But this is a method! Dazzling tactical originality from the Fergusonians, as good or better than Hong Kong, and they've got no squillionaires funding them, and draw from a very different population. Extraordinary.

NOTE * The Thai protests -- organized in a far less organic fashion -- had food. But of course there was food. They were Thais!

UPDATE I'm picturing a highway stoppage combined with a barbecue tent, "all invited." It would take some doing, but....