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More slime from HCANt's Jason Rosenbaum

Ellen of the Tenth has detail, which won't surprise anybody who's ever dealt with him at FDL, and she finishes up this way:

I have to laugh at Jason a little here. After our go-round about lack of clarity, Jason's post of the day is that Democrats are making it "clear". They are making it clear by asking for "real reform". No description of "real reform" or mention of the public option. Sheesh. I can't give them the benefit of a doubt here. I think they are being intentionally vague.

Quelle surprise.

You can't get your smarter, more "creative" roaches into a motel if you right out call it a motel! Especially if the rooms rent by the hour....

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I called him on it again and Jason responded:

It's clear that they want big reform and they want it now. Of course, we're pushing on the specifics. We'll see if they end up listening.

I guess Jason means HCAN is pushing on the specifics telepathically because they are not doing it in their call-in campaign and they are not doing it on their website.

I called him out again saying that if they were demanding a public option, they'd continue to demand it loud and clear. I further called him out for not sticking to what they promised their grassroots supporters. Let's see if he posts it and responds.

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i tried to reply at your blog with the super-secret secret to permalinks at hcan's blog, but blogger won't let me sign in. anyway, this is what i was going to say:

hcan is frustrating in so many ways, including the not-very-transparent permalinks.

if you right-click on the date/time of the comment you want to link to and choose 'copy link location', you can paste that into your html or browser address bar.

for instance, to link to jason's comment, right-click on january 27th, 2010 at 6:12 pm at the bottom left of his comment to copy the permalink for that comment [

my cynical guess is that hcan has always been working behind the scenes and doesn't really want people to know any of the specifics.

let's see if i got it right...

jason's comment

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This was especially well-said, I think.

I think lack of clarity has become a crisis in the progressive grassroots. Since our organized groups bandy about vague ideas, people who think they are fighting for reform that would cost-effectively cover all Americans, end up fighting for mandates and subsidies with no cost controls. The problem is compounded when these groups and the media use their power to marginalize those calling for specific reforms. All the cries of "off the table" to single payer advocates at local health care meetings operated to marginalize that discussion and put a rational, explainable, defensible position on the same footing with tea parties and death panels.

To add to this thought, I have found that the astoundingly obvious wrongness of the Republicans has made many lefties very, very lazy. They don't think they need to win any argument because hey, the other side is so incredibly WRONG. What are you, stupid? Prejudiced? Insane? Why would any NORMAL person vote Republican?

The problem for lefties is that the Republicans make really good arguments. It doesn't matter that they govern horribly - at least they can explain WHY they're doing what they're doing, in a way that matches their general, overarching ideology. Sure, Dubya grew the government instead of shrinking it, but it was to Protect Our Freedom(TM)! As a "compassionate conservative," he defunded government social programs because he believes in choice and competition and individual responsibility(TM)! Etc. etc. etc.

Obama campaigned against Bush, not for traditional Democratic values. He's still planning on campaigning against Bush in 2010 when the mid-term elections come. It is no accident that he was a horrible debater in the primaries: he has no overarching belief system whatsoever. It's all about him, his post-racialness, his post-partisanness, his charm that will turn everyone into happy shiny smiley politicians who will agree with him on everything. Ponies, fluffy little hopey changey ponies everywhere!

And sadly, his devotees in the blogosphere have the same failings. They do not know how to win an argument. They do not think they have to.

They are wrong.

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Uh huh. Well, I guess purity of intent counts for a lot. Especially for the next billing cycle.