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More random notes from Bangkok

I have a longer photo essay in the works, but in order to attempt to maintain some level of discipline and go out and spray the squash with milk, I'm just going to put up a couple more transport photos. The first is a simple image; the second is complex:

This is a passenger pick-up; you see them all over, though is a large one:

transport passenger pickup

Passenger pickups round-trip workers collectively between a work site and a collection point, either a BTS/MRT stop, a hostel, or perhaps even a neighborhood or village. As you can see, the arrangement is simple: Benches and, this being a large pick-up, room for standees, or possibly squattees. As you can see, the construction is light, simple, improvisational, and open to the elements -- it's the tropics!

I took this shot on soi 38 during the day, so the workers are all out taking care of condos or construction sites on the otherwise silent street.

* * *

This is a bus of the cheapest class: That is, a local, no air-con, although the driver has made it a little classy by adding a radio, and also a quilted pad over the engine so people can sit down there. This photo is not quite so simple:


Cataloging the objects inside the bus, in the driver's cockpit, from left to right:

  1. Jug. Oil? Surely not gas?
  2. Water bottle.
  3. Spray for cleaning? Insects?
  4. Fire extinguisher.
  5. Motor-cycle helmet.
  6. Glass jug. With siphon?!
  7. Umbrella.
  8. Water cooler with tin up.
  9. Amulet
  10. Plastic food containers.
  11. Pink towel.
  12. Radio.
  13. Open padlock.
  14. Newspapers.
  15. Cigarette lighter
  16. Burberry-patterned bag.
  17. Sheets of some sort; cardboard?

Then outside the bus, through the window, we see a slice of street life, also vibrant and complex beyond belief, but including two street food stands and a number of pedestrians.

* * *

One thing that the two forms of transport will have in common with each other (and very much not with the BTS/MRT) Country music playing.

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