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More Propaganda from AP

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Right now the very first result on Google News for "health care" is that of the California State Senate passing state single payer legislation 22-14. And while that definitely is news, the very first line of the AP story is totally inaccurate. It was reprinted in both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

The State Senate approved creating a government-run health care system

Single payer is not government-run health care, it's government-run health insurance. Get it straight!

The San Francisco Chronicle did no better. Its summary reads:

The California Senate on Thursday passed a measure to create a state-run, single-payer health system.


The proposal would create the California Health System, which would be funded by pooling all federal and state money California currently spends on health care and a yet-to-be-determined payroll tax. It is anticipated to cost about $200 billion a year. All state residents would be provided health care and people could buy private health care to cover services not offered through the state plan.

Nowhere does this summary mention the crucial word insurance. It gives the impression of a British-style, socialized system. Even that has some public support, but how can we expect the public to have any clue about the health care debate when the media either has no clue either or is actively trying to mislead them?

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this is what comes of the health insurance companies owning the press.

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Any idea how this would affect San Francisco's provision of actual health care?