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More on Siegelman

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Lots of folks are getting interested in this case now. Here's a story from the New York Times about it. G. Robert Blakey, the guy who helped to draft the RICO statute and tried many cases using it, really slapped the prosecution around in the article:

“It’s a joke,” Professor Blakey said. “A guy walks in, gives a contribution, and gets an appointment? Until Congress reforms this, this is the system we live under. They are criminalizing this contribution.”

Furthermore, Mr. Blakey derided the prosecutors’ racketeering case against Mr. Siegelman. “It’s the worst-drafted RICO I’ve ever seen,” said the professor, whose career at the Justice Department began in 1960. “You find as much trash as you can, then you dump it in.”

Scott Horton at Harper's argues that there is likely to be a big scandal and investigation coming from this case and he is apparently being stonewalled by the demonstrably corrupt Department of Justice:

It is extremely noteworthy that the Department of Justice refused to comply with a FOIA request seeking documents concerning the initiation of Siegelman case. The reasons for its stonewalling grow more obvious with every passing day, and add to the suspicions of politically motivated corruption in the prosecution. Six attorneys general from around the country have now expressed their concern about irregularities and misconduct in the Siegelman prosecution. Several of them have suggested that Congressional oversight committees conduct a probe of the circumstances of the prosecution, and place those who have conducted the prosecution under oath after the issuance of cautions and document preservation letters. That is the most likely next phase of the case.

Look at what Unka Karl has done to our federal legal system folks. It's just hard to fathom the longstanding horrific damage he's done to the legal system in America.

I think it may take years of work to straighten this mess out.

Yes, folks, there is a difference between the two parties. There is a difference between Republicans and Democrats. I sure as hell hope no one says that lame "they're all the same" crap to me in 2008. I just might throttle them.

UPDATE This page is apparently updated with the latest about the Siegelman case. It's a good place to check for updates.

UPDATE 2 Here's my latest post on the Siegelman case.

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