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More on how women have been treated in the White House

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Elizabeth Romer.

I'd quote, but it's a scanned image.

This sort of thing happens to every woman professional I know on such a regular basis, I'm all screamed out. But I think I shall scream...

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Other women (TONS of other women) can say, "Yeah, that happened to me at XYZ company!"

I know I've had PLENTY of ideas repeated by a man a day or two later and managers at the meeting were excited and would actually say things like "What a great idea, Bob*!"

This is funny in a way, but I always got my "you need to be a better team player" lecture for saying, "Gee Bob, that is a great idea. Wasn't that nice of me to tell you about it at the meeting last Tuesday? Thank you for being sure I was mentioned when you suggested it again."

What did I have to lose? They can't take away my birthday.

*Bob is a name I have picked out for no reason, it isn't intended to resemble any Bobs I have known or might know in the future. In fact, I don't think any guy named "Bob" ever stole one of my ideas.